Monday, October 06, 2008

let's write a sawng.

Rivers Cuomo, the front man for Weezer, started a videoblog on Youtube called "Let's Write a Sawng" where people all over the world can contribute video responses and literally write a song together. He acts as the ringleader and the director and it seems like he watches all the uploads. I'm sure it's some promotional thing for Youtube and not like this is something he decided to do out of boredom but that doesn't take away from the fun. I think he approaches it in a pretty genuine way and the song isn't turning out half bad. It isn't officially finished yet and it's been a few months since he's posted. I guess he's busy out touring and all that.

If you start watching from the 1:00 mark you'll see him referring to a video I actually uploaded. (The sound is weird because Rivers often pitches his videos up or down for comedic effect.)

Below is the actual video I uploaded to him.

Which was in response to this one.

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At 8:14 AM, Blogger Jeff Harter said...

Look at you! Awesome!


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