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Even though I work at American Greetings, I have nothing to do with making greeting cards. We're a completely separate division that creates and develops properties for kids that leads to animation and consumer products (toys, backpacks, undapants.)

As an exercise, we had the opportunity to create a property for a different demo -- our card buyer. I just happened to have this idea laying around that I was calling "Woo Girls" and we went with that.

It's based on my wife (the brunette), her friend Becky (the one with the short hair) and Kelly, a woman who sits next to me (the blonde.) The idea is -- that any woman, when around her bestest friends, is able to let her guard down and "woo" at anything from a Bon Jovi song coming on the jukebox to hanging out of the sunroof of a taxi after a girl's night out.

I ended up drawing and writing all 8 cards. Most are birthday cards and they all say something like "It's your birthday, WOOO! Hope you have so much fun you don't notice the creepy guy staring at you like a freak all night." or "You're hotter now than you've ever been. Seriously."

Originally the above image was all I had in mind. I was just going to have floating heads, it was all going to be pink and black, and I'd thought that each girl would have a "normal mode" and a "woo mode." Also I thought there'd be endless Woo Girls and it'd be more of a "look." And last, the whole concept revolved on this being a sound card where you'd open it and it'd go "Oh my god it's your birthday WOOOO!!!" But because of the expense of sound chips I wasn't able to get my wish.

In the beginning, I didn't think I'd have the time to complete all this art because I still had my "real" job that took up a lot of my time. I thought I'd have to freelance this out, so I had some Woo development sketches done by Joel Trussel at as well as some by Vera at Here's what they came up with. Note: These aren't my drawings and they didn't see the above drawing. I wanted to see what they'd come up with based on concept alone.

Joel's sketches.

Vera's sketches.

When I saw both of these I thought "Oh yeah, I should give them bodies." Both did hilarious stuff that really helped me figure this out. I wanted to land somewhere between these as far as the girls being cartoony or anatomically correct.

This is the very first card concept I came up with. I drew it really fast with sharpies and highlighters, folded it in half and went to a meeting where I was supposed to show my progress. The card team liked it but thought the girls were a little too skinny. So, when I went to final I just made sure to thicken them up a little.

Here are all 8 cards together.

Here they are on the shelf at Walmart. Despite being out of college for 10 years, this is the first time I'd ever seen something I had total control of on the shelf. It was fun to see and I actually saw a woman buying two (no it wasn't my mom.)

At American Greetings we have a greeting card store in the building where employees can purchase our products. After returning from vacation I was surprised to find a giant Woo display in the window.



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