Wednesday, January 18, 2006

spike jonze gap commercial.

Gap is revamping their stores and had Spike Jonze do a commercial for them called "Pardon Our Dust." I'd first seen the original Spike Jonze version which uses the classical song "Peer Gynt Suite." I remember thinking, "Why does it have this stupid elves-hiding-christmas-presents music?" After a Google or two I found out that Gap actually released it with an different, more obscure "hip" song instead.

I actually like the Gap's version better because I've never heard it before and don't already associate it with other ironic shit like the Home Alone 2 trailer. Others might disagree, but I'll be siding with Gap on this one. One problem, though, is that they just slapped it into Spike's original that was already edited (more tightly) to the Peer Gynt Suite. Still it's an ok compromise to get rid of that song. Ultimately, it might've been better if Spike had a different song in mind from the get-go.

Spike's cut.
Gap's cut.


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